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EBS is one of the foremost producers of both inline and portable large character printers (LCP). They have a impressive line of printers used in a wide variety of industrial service applications.Their handheld portable printers offer the best of both worlds: portability, and accurate inkjet marking, while the in-line printers offer high resolution printing on corrugated boxes.

EBS HandJet 250

EBS HandJet 250 inkjet printers Jamaica

The EBS HandJet 250 is the light, portable, easy to use large character handheld inkjet printer (LCP) for Jamaican businesses. It’s a low cost, maintenance free solution for all your secondary and tertiary batch codes, dates, labeling, and marking needs. It’s cost-effective operation will offer you all the basic capabilities of a typical inkjet printer, but with the benefit and flexibility of a handheld device.

The Handjet 250 is used in various types of facilities, from large warehouses to small labeling businesses. The printer give you large printing height of 1 inch, with its 16-nozzle dot matrix pattern for clear and easy-to-read labeling. You can print long messages as you have a maximum of 1300 characters to printer per message. It offers the ability to not only print code, but also graphical characters, symbols, and other special industry label objects. It also has a variable field printing option, so that numbers in date formats can change sequentially, or you can add incremental or decremental counters.

The approximate operating time of the printer is 50 hours of non-stop printing in ideal temperature conditions (20 degrees celsius), and takes less than 150 minutes to a full charge. The Handjet 250 also has bluetooth connection, allowing you to create and edit text and graphic symbols from your Windows computer.

EBS HandJet 250 Specifications

  • Lines of Print: 1 x 1″
  • Printing Objects: Date/Time, EXP, Shift codes, Characters, Symbols, Logo
  • Ink: monochrome (one ink colour)
  • Operating Environment: +5°C to +40°C
  • Power Supply: Built in rechargeable batteries

EBS 2500

EBS 2500 inkjet printer Jamaica

The EBS 2500 Industrial INK-JET printer is an in-line Hi-Resolution large character printer for printing barcodes, logos, expiration dates, and graphics on corrugated cartons. It’s a cost effect solution, saving you time and money, thanks to being easy to setup, use and maintain.

The EBS 2500 printer can be used in various types of facilities, from large to small. The printer features a 5.7″ touchscreen display for creating and managing your messages. It can even be controlled from your computer via an Ethernet interface. The print orientation can be set to print from any direction, left, right, right-side up, or up-side down, depending on how you conveyor runs. And for security, there is the ability to create multi-level user accounts with password protection for each level.

EBS 2500 Specifications

  • Printing height: 2.827 inch
  • Printing Objects: Barcodes, Graphics, Characters, Symbols, Logo, date/time, Expiry
    Date, Shift code
  • Ink capacity: 0.5 l (allows for up to 0.5 million printouts – project resolution: 500 x 500, 10% ink coverage
  • Operating Environment: 5°C to 40°C
  • Power Supply: Adapter included; 0.95 – 0.45 A / max. 24 W – low power consumption