PolyTIJ LogoThe PolyTIJ printers provide a cost effective solution ideally suited for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Because the PolyTIJ printers have no moving parts, you maximize your up time, due to practically zero maintenance required.

We offer two main types of PolyTIJ printers: an “in-line” model and the handheld portable model. All PolyTIJ printers feature an accurate touch screen display with simple navigation that’s easy to learn. If you use a phone or tablet, you can navigate the printing control.

PolyTIJ S3i

PolyTIJ S3i inkjet printers Jamaica

Thermal Inkjet Printers for Jamaican businesses.

The PolyTIJ S3i is an affordable, easy to use, and low maintenance printer. The best choice for small businesses and factories.

The PolyTIJ S3i is a low cost, maintenance free solution for all your batch code, best before date, and manufacture date printing needs. It is easy to set up, take down, and adjust. Plus, thanks to the easy to use large 7″ touchscreen display, you can create, edit, and select your messages with ease.

Thanks to its very small footprint, printer is ideal for small to medium business production and manufacturing facilities, where size and flexibility is key. You can print up to 1/2″ in a variety of different fonts, colours, and styles. Even logos. The printer also has the option of adding a second printhead, allowing you to print two messages at once, or stitch two messages together for 1″ high print.

PolyTIJ S3i Specifications

  • Lines of Print: 1 x 0.5″ (2 lines and 1″ with addition print head)
  • Print Speed: Up to 60m/min
  • Resolution: 50~600DPI
  • Printing Objects: Date/Time, Expiration, Barcodes, Alpha-numeric, Logo
  • Interface: 1) 7 inch 800 *480 color LCD touch screen
  • Printhead Orientation: Left to right, right to left, upside down, rightside up
  • Operating Environment: Working Environment: -10°– +55°C; 10%-85%RH
  • Power Supply: AC 90V-240V/50-60HZ, 90W (included)

PolyTIJ S2i

PolyTIJ S2i inkjet printers jamaica

Handheld Thermal Inkjet Printers for Jamaican businesses

The PolyTIJ S2i is the handheld version of the S3i inline printer. It offers the same printing and coding benefits as the Poly S3i, with the added convenience to print your batch codes, best before dates, manufacture date, logos, labels and objects, on any flat surface without placing it on your conveyor line. For that reason, there is no setup time and no maintenance needed. Switch it on, press the trigger, swipe, and print!

Thanks to the printer’s large 5″ touchscreen display, entering and selecting messages are as simply as using your phone or tablet. You get 1/2″ of printing in a variety of fonts, colours, and styles. The printer also has the option of scanning barcodes that need to be stored and print. And if you want, you can create a series of line text that will print in sequential order, one swipe after another. Great for printing multiple lines of text.

No need to worry about anyone tampering with your new printer, the S2 has a multi-level password security system, which keeps your printer and codes secure.

PolyTIJ S2i Specifications

  • Lines of Print: 1 x 0.5″ (5 lines with multiple swiped)
  • Resolution: 300DPI
  • Printing Objects: Barcodes, Expiration date, Shift code, Character, Alpha-numeric, Logos, Counter, Lot-Box Code
  • Interface: 5″ 800*480 color LCD touch screen
  • Printhead Orientation: Left to right, right to left, Upside down, Rightside up
  • Operating Environment: Working Environment: -10°– +55°C; 10%-85%RH
  • Power Supply: 12V rechargeable battery (included); 8 hours stand-by; 4 hours continuous printing